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U.S. DISTRIBUTOR may not be the industry leader. But we are specialists at solving the complex challenges of eCommerce logistics. From our fast and accurate receiving process, to checking and cataloging each item with a unique bar code. Rest assured your goods will be ready for sale.

So what is receiving?

Receiving is the first important step of processing your goods into a manageable form. Once we receive them, they’re catalogued, checked, barcoded and counted.

Our state of the art eCommerce receiving system addresses and solves challenges including:
  • A wide range of unique items in small quantities
  • Unstructured inventory, and
  • Insufficient labelling

   Our eCommerce receiving solutions

Our fast and accurate receiving process audits items on first time arrival to capture:
  • Unique barcodes per item
  • Supplier codes
  • Dimensions & weights
  • Structured pack sizes (units of measure)
Got items that are controlled by batch, lot numbers or expiry dates? We automatically capture and track that data as a part of the receiving process. Our ability to receive via multiple structured pack sizes increases speed and reduces the receiving cost per item. For example, a case of beer can be received into inventory as either 24 x Bottles (1), or 4 x Packs (6), or 1 x Case (24). The cost per bottle is highest when received as Bottles (1), and the cost per bottle is lowest when received as Case (24).