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Pick & Pack(Tailored)

Step 4: Pick & Pack

Our state of the art pick & pack solution is built around barcode scan verification for both item identification and quantity confirmation. Our pick & pack solution easily scales as you grow your eCommerce business product range.

Our eCommerce pick and pack solution:

Wrong pick errors in your eCommerce business lead to customer frustrations and escalating costs.

Our efficient and cost effective pick & pack system picks all the items requested in a customer order and collates them before packing them carefully for delivery.

U.S. Distributor’s customized pick and pack solution includes:

  • Minimising the package size and weight
  • Ensuring goods are protected and delivered safely using a wide range of packaging materials – from shipper boxes to satchels, bubble wrap and void fill pillows

Tailored packaging:

Do you have easily breakable, delicate products to deliver? Let’s talk tough packaging for ultimate protection. Perhaps you have a sturdy, durable product and you’re just looking for the most cost effective way to get it to your customers?

Or maybe you’re looking to provide your customers with a unique, luxury, brand-centric experience that incorporates custom styling, branding, ribbons, a beautiful box and perhaps even a spray of perfume so when your customer opens their delivery, they get the full experience? No matter how diverse, unique or specific your packaging needs, you want it done right.

The packaging surrounding your product is more than just a means to transport your product. It is the first interaction your customer has with your brand on delivery, so it should be unique to your brand and tailored right.

It’s a great idea to try and think of your brand’s position  from your customers’ perspective too – what do they expect from your brand when receiving a product or materials?

Therefore, providing the most detailed tailored packaging options- accuracy, efficiency and quality control- is  the foundation of each and every process at U.S. Distributor LLC.