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INVENTORY MANAGEMENT & more(see the services section for more)

Step 6: Update your inventory

Basic inventory management may suffice when you’re a small business with only a few unique SKU’s and a handful of orders to manage. But you’ll soon run into trouble in your eCommerce business as you try and scale order volumes and SKU ranges if you don’t have a robust and scalable inventory management process in place.

Our inventory management solution gives your eCommerce business accurate, real-time inventory data that helps you maximize sales and minimize inventory holding costs.

Get real-time inventory ledger updates as events occur with U.S. Distributor’s inventory management solution

Our inventory management solution provides real-time inventory ledger updates as events occur. You’ll get instant updates when:

  • Your inventory is committed as your orders are received
  • Your items are scan picked
  • The Items are received and scanned, and
  • Your items counts are processed and verified.

Advanced inventory management automatically captures and reports additional inventory detail for specialized item management and compliance:

  • Batch / lot number tracking and control
  • Expiry date tracking and control
  • Serial number capture
  • MAC address capture

Our inventory management solution is highly scalable and accurate across tens of thousands of unique SKU’s per customer. And this means that you can easily and efficiently automate your eCommerce business and grow with confidence.