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Step 8:

Sell your goods through other branded channels to drive growth.

Want to grow your eCommerce business by offering a drop shipping service? U.S. Distributor LLC’S drop shipping service is a ‘multi-branding’ platform that lets you configure additional ‘brands’ that can be associated with your sales orders.

Drive your eCommerce business, online store or small-med businesses growth with our drop shipping solutions.

Drop shipping is a wholesale sales strategy to increase eCommerce sales by expanding the channels in which your products are available for customers to buy.

Your sales increase by offering wholesale pricing to resellers who post your products as available for sale on their website. When a customer buys one of your products from the resellers website, they place the order with and make the payment directly to the reseller.

Your reseller orders that item from you, with the agreed wholesale cost to be billed to them, but for the goods to be packed and sent directly to their customer.

Some resellers will demand that all paperwork that ships to the customer is branded with their name and details – not your business name. This is called ‘blind’ drop shipping, as the receiver of the goods has no way to know that you were involved in the transaction.

U.S. Distributor’s eCommerce drop shipping solutions let you grow your business efficiently and smoothly – no stress, no fuss.